Airfreight Forwarding Agent (Schiphol-Rijk)

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Being an Airfreight Forwarding Agent you work in a team of professionals in which you are
responsible for timely and correct arrangements and handling of airfreight shipments for our
clients. Taking care in communication of the day-to-day relationship between clients and is an important aspect in this role.

Result areas / responsibilities
Main tasks:
 Arrangements for and handling of airfreight shipments and all related activities,
issuing of all accompanying documents;
 Declaration of goods with Dutch customs after checking by a customs specialist;
 Professional communication with clients, foreign agents, airlines , transportation
companies and other stakeholders of airfreight shipments;
 Making (ad hoc) price agreements with clients and suppliers;
 Problem solving on shipment level, keeping the client’s interest in clear sight;
 Preparation of shipment files for invoicing (buying/selling calculations)
 Responsible for accurate, complete and correct shipment files including all to be
named shipment details;
 Executing daily processes in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and
according to GDP Guidelines*.

* If applicable in case of handling pharmaceuticals.

Social Interaction
Informative communication with company relations , foreign agents and direct colleagues on
the department(s)

Authorized to execute logistics related orders to suppliers, in line with the role.
Position characteristics

Level / education:
 Senior Vocational Education level of thinking/working (MBO);
 Good knowledge of English language in wording and writing;
 Knowledge of handling of Dangerous Goods (DG) by air;
 Knowledge of Good Distribution Practices *;
 Knowledge of logistics processes in regards to air- and roadfreight;
 Valid Airfreight Awareness training certificate.

Specific knowledge & experience:
 Data processing, profound knowledge of Microsoft Office software
 Attentive processing of data in an environment with frequent disturbance by
phone conversations, e-mail and so on.
 Working experience / affinity with logistics services is preferred

Essential skills
 Client- and service oriented
 Interpersonal skills
 Accuracy
 Flexibility
 Collegiality
 Result driven
 Personal Integrity

Other relevant skills / features:
 Immune to stress
 Patience
 Perseverance

Interested: send your cv and motivation to info@clickuitzendbureau.nl  Raymon Vallentin

Om te solliciteren op deze vacature stuur je je sollicitatie naar info@clickuitzendbureau.nl